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Artist’s Statement


This work is drawn from my experimental and personal project work. Some work is highly personal other work deals with difficult issues and is not intended to be easy to view, most images are taken from larger sets.  Usually they are concept driven with ideas underpinning the individual images and running through the set. Typically the concepts are researched and the images planned and further developed as they are shot, this continues into post production and finally edited as a set.

Currently I have a number of projects and ideas in progress working with more complex narratives and story telling across single images and series of images. These use natural images, montages, polaroids and other ideas,  to produce these I’m working with photography and film, these will appear here in due course and until then are available to view on request.


The subjects dealt with are sometimes difficult and may include nudity, this site is not safe for work and is not suitable for minors (those under 18).



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